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  • How do I adjust the Opie Perch Pack, for the most optimal comfort?
    The bag can be adjusted in various ways. Follow these simple steps: 1. make sure all adjustable straps and buckles are on the largest setting (that means all buckles are on the end of the straps) 2. put the bag on with the shoulder straps over your shoulders 3. PAY ATTENTION; now first adjust the hip belt, this is the belt around your waist - you fasten this buckle and pull the other straps to the back - the hip belt should run over your hip bone so not in your side- the bag should now be leaning on your lower back and hips- you check this by moving the bag back and forth 4. put both thumbs through the loops of the shoulder straps and pull them towards your buttocks - the bag should fit at the back - don't over tighten the straps! These straps are only to hold the bag against the back but not to lift the weight - if these bands are too tight, they pinch the nerves in your neck and that is not pleasant! 5. Finally, close the buckle of the chest strap - the loop in the elastic part must remain intact so visible - if this strap is too tight, the shoulder straps will chafe in the armpits - the elastic section allows the shoulder straps to move with you while walking 6. TIP: take off your jacket in time when you get warm, the mesh at the back ensures that the extra body heat can leave between your back and the bag. Keeping your jacket on for too long can make it feel uncomfortable (perspiration can lead to irritation)
  • Is the Opie Perch Pack easy to clean?
    The fabric of the Opie Perch Pack is water and dirt repellent, but our advice is to check the bag for excrement after every trip and clean it with a cloth and water. We do this ourselves with a Dettol cloth. ATTENTION: if you leave the excrement on the bag for too long, it could cause stains
  • Can I bring multiple birds on the perch pack?
    Personally I brought 2 macaws on the perch pack myself. Several birds can therefore be used, but of course this depends on the type of birds and the mutual understanding between the birds themselves
  • I've got small birds, is the Java stick not to big for them?
    You can opt for a smaller stick. When ordering the Opie Perch Pack you choose the 'Small Java stick', especially suitable for smaller birds
  • Is the Opie Perch Pack suitable for untraind birds, wearing a harnas?
    Yes, I am also in possession of an untrained bird, which goes on the perch in a harness.
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